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MBBS At Moscow State University - An Affordable...

For many Indian students, pursuing a dream of becoming a doctor often collides with the harsh reality of skyrocketing medical education costs within India. However, a beacon of hope shines in the form of prestigious universities abroad, offering world-class medical education at a fraction of the cost. One such gem is Moscow State University (MSU), a name synonymous with academic excellence and a haven for aspiring medicos from India.


About Moscow State University


MSU holds the distinction of being one of the oldest and most renowned universities in Russia, established in 1755. It boasts a rich history of academic brilliance, having...

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Career Opportunities After Studying MBBS From Russia: A...

Studying MBBS in Russia is a popular choice for many aspiring doctors, particularly from India. Russia boasts a well-established medical education system, recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO), and offers a cost-effective alternative to studying medicine in other countries. But what about career opportunities after graduating with an MBBS from Russia? Let's explore the various paths you can take.


Practice Medicine in Russia

Graduates can choose to practice medicine in Russia itself. This requires passing the Russian Medical Licensing Examination and completing a one-year internship. The demand for qualified doctors in Russia is high, especially in rural areas. Salaries...

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A Comprehensive Guide to Studying MBBS in Russia

About Russia


Russia, officially known as the Russian Federation, is the largest country in the world, spanning Eastern Europe and northern Asia. It has a rich cultural heritage and a strong tradition of excellence in science and education. Russia is home to several top-notch medical universities that are recognized globally for their quality of education.


Why Study MBBS in Russia?


There are several reasons why studying MBBS in Russia is becoming increasingly popular:


Affordable tuition fees: Compared to other countries like the US or UK, MBBS in Russia is significantly more affordable, making it a viable option for many students.

High-quality education: Russian medical...

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