Medical Education System in Universities Abroad: MBBS Abroad for Indian Students
Written by Mumtaj Khan
Apr 17, 2024

Choosing to pursue MBBS abroad depends on the various factors for Indian students and it is advised to choose it wisely. Factors include individual circumstances, goals, quality of education, global perspective and many more. Mention below are some of the prominent reasons for this. 
Individual Circumstance - Students preparing for NEET exam for the consecutive years, should have a light over it. Students pursuing MBBS from abroad and India are on the same page as all need to give the NEXT exam for practising in India and for this reason there is no point of investing years into preparation of NEET for government seat in India.

Goals of Individuals- Becoming a doctor is not the only goal for some individuals as they are more focused for their future career. Medical universities abroad provide many research and scientific programs along with MBBS courses, so students who are  interested in pursuing research could have  great exposure. It is advised to choose wisely.

Quality of Education - Quality of education in the medical universities abroad is superior and mostly the universities got accreditation from world health organizations.

Cost Effective - Studying MBBS abroad can be more cost effective as there is no extra donation and capital required for enrolling in private and government medical universities. 

Middle class families from India can easily afford all the expenses of abroad universities. If we compare it from India it is always considered a more preferable option. However, Tuition fees, hostel charges, living expenses , and other expenses vary greatly across different countries depending upon the currency rate at the time.

Limited Number of Seats - There is huge competition in India when it comes to the NEET exam. Students who are unable to secure good rank in the exam are also debarred from taking admission in government or any private medical university. For all students who are not capable enough to secure high rank, MBBS abroad is quite a good option for them as they only have to qualify the NEET exam in their required category.

Global Perspective - Pursuing MBBS abroad provides multiple options and also provides students with a global perspective on medical practices, healthcare and disease. This can be beneficial for students while doing their post graduation and can be valuable in an interconnected world where humans are facing healthcare challenges.

However, apart from the advantages there are considerable challenges associated with studying MBBS abroad, such as language barrier, difference in syllabus and standard of education, difference in diseases of other countries, adapting to a new environment is also challenging in some cases and many more other reasons. So, it is advices to go thoroughly before finalizing any country for further studies along with consulting with Ensure Education, alumni and professionals in the field can also gives you valuable insights.

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